Video script

It would be great if you could follow some of the following script while you make a feedback video.

  1. Your friend/family recommended MaxxMassage (you don’t have to say we reached out to you or we’re on Collab)
  2. You love it so much so that you wanted to make a feedback video.
  3. Why you love it (portable/heat/direction/auto off/speed control/different nodes size/affordable)
  4. How it gives a kneading shiatsu/real massage spa feeling etc.
  5. Relate to your daily activities & choose couple (gym person/mom/stressed on driving/stressed on work/student/back problem/tight muscle/old age).
  6. Display by using it on a chair, bed, car, floor or sofa etc.
  7. How it has helped and why you want to recommend it.

This is just a recommendation; however you may create the way you feel comfortable.